API Licensed Threading and Repair Facility

I. OCTG Inspection Service

  • VTFLD Inspection
  • Roll-by Inspection
  • Mobile Tong Service
  • Thread Gauging

II. Casing and Tubing Threading Repairs - 8RD EUE/Buttress

III. Casing and Tubing Coupling Repairs - 8RD EUE/Buttress

I. Tubing Couplings
II. Casing Couplings (Directive 10 Compliant)
III. Thread Protectors
IV. Pup Joints
V. Marker Joints
VI. Landing Joints

Certificate Number: 5CT-1222

ISO 9001:2015
Certificate Number: 0098712

Rock Tubulars Ltd.

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Physical Address: 1507 - 7th Street Nisku, Alberta CANADA T9E 7S3

Email Address: rockltd@telus.net
Tel: 780-955-4234 Fax: 780-979-1160
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